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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: Modi's coming to power would be damaging for the country

Rahul Gandhi at Congress manifesto release function: BJP balloon will burst soon
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while interacting with the media persons during the function to release the Congress manifesto for the 2014 general elections, expressed confidence that UPA will form the government again and said that BJP's campaign balloon will burst like 'India Shining' in 2004. He also warned that BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's coming to power would be damaging for the country.
The Congress vice President added, “I have a slight understanding of the ground reality in Uttar Pradesh. This BJP balloon is going to burst in UP 100%, not 90%." He insisted that it was the Congress which had more allies in the country but the popular projection was different. “NDA had BJD and JD(U) as its allies, but today they are not with NDA. But Congress did find new allies,” he said.
Rahul Gandhi said the Gujarat chief minister represents an ideology which is exclusionary, the kind that makes people fight. It will harm the country, and the Congress will defeat that thinking, he said. He also said the Congress is the only party that can focus on growth along with the welfare of the poor.
"The only way India will move forward is a partnership that includes the poor, dispossessed, others. You can't have a government which focuses only on one section," he said. "The future India will be built by poor people, those in the villages." The BJP's dream is an India where a few people run the country, he added.
“The manifesto that we have here is truly the voice of the people of this country. We had a manifesto in 2009 and I am proud to say that 90% that we have written in that manifesto have been delivered by the UPA government and the Prime Minister” said Rahul Gandhi.
“We commit to do exactly the same in 2014 manifesto. I would like to say a little about what Congress party stands for that is different than our opponents. We believe that for this country to grow there it needs to be a firm partnership between the business, between the economic sectors of this country and between the poor. We believe you cannot owe this country neglecting either business or neglecting the poor people. The best ideology is to do this is Congress party” asserted the Congress leader.
“We had long discussions with you and you have given us good suggestions. Porters at New Delhi railways gave their suggestions, fishermen in Maharashtra gave their views, women and tribal, all gave their respective suggestions to us...We put your voice with depth in our manifesto for the first time” said Rahul Gandhi explaining how his party drafted this election manifesto.
Full text of the speech by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at the release of Congress Manifesto

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