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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rahul Gandhi on Google Hangout: NDA and BJP are conservative; do not want to change society

Rahul Gandhi on Google Hangout: Congress will win LS polls because love has always defeated hatred

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi held a Google Hangout live video chat session to interact with party workers across India on Saturday. “Our efforts are to empower our workers.. We need to empower our women, the youth and the poor” said Rahul Gandhi to the Congress cadres. “We have our party workers in every village of our country but the only thing we need to do is give them their rights” said the Congress Vice President.
“We need to give voice to the members of Congress family. That is what Gandhi had done; he gave voice to the common people and that is how we could defeat the British. We must follow his policy”, said Rahul Gandhi.
About the ongoing primaries for selecting party candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Congress leader said, “The idea of primaries is a revolutionary idea; the idea is to give people a chance to select their candidates. We have to make sure that our primaries are more and more open and effective. Congress members are very excited about primaries policy, though, some are not happy”.
“The idea of Congress is to ensure equal rights to the people and that is what our Holy books also say. The strength of the Congress party is that the party ideology is in the bloods of every worker. They are our strength. Every Congress workers has taken the party idea into their heart and they work hard. Nehru ji was not a leader when Gandhi ji had arrived in India. They all were ordinary party workers and gradually they became leaders. It is the ordinary party workers later emerge as great leaders” said Rahul Gandhi and added “We want to build more and more leadership in every state. If we will have such leaders, we will win all the seats in Parliament”.
When a Congress worker expressed opinion that if BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Modi comes to power at the Centre, majority of Indian minorities will feel insecure, Rahul Gandhi shot back “We are going to win, first of all. There is no question of BJP coming to power because we are going to people with our idea that is love and empowerment. Love has always defeated hatred; Hate can't defeat love. Out schemes are based on love. NREGA is love, RTI is love”. “Create love, brotherhood and never spread hatred; we will definitely win polls” asserted Rahul Gandhi.
“We can't move forward without adequate empowerment of our women. In 5 years from now, we are going to have more and more women leaders in the Congress party” assured the Congress leader. “Unlike BJP, Congress wants to change the role of the poor, the women and the youth. Ours is a revolutionary party and our policies like MNREGA, telecom and computers are also revolutionary”, he added.
“NDA and BJP are conservative forces; they do not want to change society; they do not want to change the role of the poor, the women and the youth of our country” observed Rahul Gandhi and also commented, “BJP and opposition doing a big damage to our nation by blocking the functioning of Parliament”.
Rahul Gandhi also informed the Congress is going push forward more youngsters and assured “We will gradually fill Parliament and Assemblies with young faces” and also promised that the Congress workers in our country will get more and more power in the times to come.
About a query from Congress’ West Bengal Unit, Rahul Gandhi quipped, “The only way to rejuvenate Congress unit in Bengal is to empower its workers; give them their rights. We must give voice to our Congress workers; we have started it; soon you will see changes. I also will help you”.
On Punjab’s state of affairs, the Congress leader commented, “We lost last Punjab assembly polls because we were overconfident; there were some issues in candidate selection too. But the important factor to be addressed is to give people a chance in candidate selection,” and continued, “People in Punjab are angry with SAD-BJP govt in the state; they want to throw it out. SAD-BJP govt in Punjab pressurizes Media. You must know that the Centre extended all possible help to Punjab – for its people and for state’s development. You must spread this among the people. Explain about Congress’ welfare policies to the people. That is the only way to move ahead. Also tell people of Punjab about the pathetic treatment by Modi govt towards Sikh farmers in Gujarat. It is the people who must fight against the BJP-SAD govt and to improve the conditions in Punjab; Congress is there to help you”.
Rahul Gandhi said that the UPA, which is the longest serving government since the tenure of country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, has done some revolutionary works like MNREGA and RTI. “During our past 10 years of rule at the Centre, we freed about 15 cr people from poverty; now there is a new class emerging which is above BPL but below middle class. Now our focus is to uplift them. We will continue serving the poor but will also uplift the new emerging class of about 70 cr people” he said.
Praising the Congress workers for being the very pillars of strength for the party, the Congress leader cited example of former Chhattisgarh Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel who was killed by Naxalites last year. "Patel struggled as a common party worker and went on to become the party chief in the state. He was killed because he was fighting against mining mafia in the state," he said.
"Congress used to be a dominant force but that is not the case today. We have to go back to the basic idea of the party- that is empowerment of the people. It will automatically increase the party's support base. People's involvement in policymaking has to become a reality," said Rahul Gandhi.
The Hangout session was organised ahead of Lok Sabha elections to bridge the gap between party workers and leaders.

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