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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rahul Gandhi says in Arunachal Pradesh: India belongs to all, every religion, caste, community

Rahul Gandhi says in Arunachal Pradesh: India belongs to all, every religion, caste, community

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed a massive party rally at Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday and slammed the ideology of attacking migrants in various parts of India. Rahul Gandhi talked about the death of Arunachal boy Nido Taniam in Delhi and said, "An Arunachal boy was killed in Delhi. India belongs to all, every religion, caste, community."
“Arunachal Pradesh being a part of India, its people should enjoy equal privileges in every state of the country. Racial discrimination should be rooted out completely and Congress is committed to this," said the Congress leader adding, “India is for everybody and we get strength from each state of the country. Every state is like a flower which together makes up a bouquet”.
Rahul Gandhi also struck an emotional chord with the state and said, “I have never seen such a beautiful place anywhere in the country and am also willing to spend a few days here to enjoy the natural beauty”. “The literacy rate of the state has significantly improved in the past decade and the state government has launched several schemes for empowering youth and women,” he said and also referred to programmes like Skill Development Council, Employment Generation Council and the Chief Minister’s Livelihood Mission Schools.
"We should create an India in which all of you feel that wherever we go, we will be welcomed with open arms... Such an ideology which attacks North Indians in Maharashtra, Northeast people in Delhi... this is the ideology of opposition," the Congress Vice President said. "A lot of work has been done for women in the Northeast. All of India should get inspired by the way you treat women", he added. Rahul Gandhi also recalled that Itanagar has the first women police station in the Northeast. "Women should get reservation, that's why we are discussing a law for 33% reservation in Parliament," Rahul Gandhi said.
The Congress leader further said that women should get reservation, that's why we are discussing a law for 33 percent reservation in Parliament. He also recalled that "Indira Gandhi gave Arunachal Pradesh the status of a Union Territory in 1972, and Rajiv Gandhi later made it a full state."
“Roads, airport, railways have been built here. But the strength of Arunachal is your history and ecology. So, amid development, we must preserve ecology, the languages, the history of Arunachal. Without that, Arunachal, India cannot grow," said Rahul Gandhi. "There can be change only when there is devolution of power, when people, panchayats are empowered. That's why Congress gets your support," he asserted. "The Rs 10,000-crore road package provided by the UPA government to Arunachal during 2008 has immensely benefited the state as in the past few years the state witnessed vast development in infrastructure and road development," he added and hoped that the upcoming airport project and setting up of railway lines in the state would improve connectivity of the land-locked state with other parts of the country.
"The opposition wants to divide the people on political and religious lines, but we want to surge ahead for peace, progress and prosperity of people irrespective of their religion," said Rahul Gandhi. Referring to the immense potential in tourism, horticulture and hydro-power sectors in the state, he said that more focus should be given on these sectors for overall development of the state as well as the entire country.
Rahul Gandhi is in the Northeast for a two-day tour ahead of the upcoming General Elections.

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