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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rahul Gandhi takes dig at BJP in Assam, says one can defeat hatred only through love

Rahul Gandhi mocks BJP in Assam, says India can shine only if we eradicate poverty completely
“We can defeat hatred only through love. One can never remove darkness using darkness; we need light to free from darkness. Similarly, only with love and brotherhood one can win over hatred” said Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while addressing a huge election rally at Biswanath Chariali in Sonitpur, Assam on Thursday. “That is what you showed in Assam. You have peace not because of the Congress party, but it is due to the efforts of its people. You defeated violence with love and it is a good lesson for others to learn” he added.
“Ahead of every general election, the NDA comes out with a new campaign balloon. They prepared an ‘India Shining’ balloon in 2004. But when the ballot boxes were opened, they came to know that the poor in our country burst that fully filled hot air balloon. They had made a similar balloon in 2009 also. Even many media also had said that Congress was losing badly in that election. They had ruled out a possibility of Congress coming back to power again. But when the counting was over, their predictions went wrong and the NDA balloon was burst again” said Rahul Gandhi and asserted, “Now, in 2014 also, BJP and NDA are ready with another big balloon, fully filled with air. You can see, after the elections that too will explode, three times loudly than earlier ones. is not the Congress party which burst your balloon, but it is the poor. This time too, their hot air marketing balloon will be exploded by the people”.
Slamming the Gujarat model, the Congress leader continued, “People talk a lot about Gujarat model, nowadays. BJP says that Gujarat model must be replicated in all other states. I want to make them understand that Assam does not need Gujarat model, it needs Assam model” and added “Every place has its own relevance; every state has its own knowledge. Every state has its own culture, heritage and history. Gujarat model may be good for Gujarat. Gujarat developed because of the efforts of the people there – the women, the labourers developed it. The white revolution was possible due to the women in Gujarat, not of Modi government”.
“BJP thinks one ideology can run the entire country but the truth is that this country is not made of one thought or ideology but of thousands and lakhs of thoughts. They want to impose their ideology in Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Maharashtra. But it is never possible” commented Rahul Gandhi.
“While Congress wants to empower people at all walks of life, BJP wants to give entire power to a single person. They think that only one person has the entire knowledge and they do not realise the power of the people. Congress knows that people possess knowledge and so their empowerment is necessary for development” explained the Congress Vice President.
“BJP's politics is about two things. First, pit Hindus against Muslims, the rich against the poor and people of Maharashtra against those from UP and Bihar. Just before the elections, riots started in Muzaffarnagar at UP. Second, they fail to see the pain of the poor. So they talk of things like 'India Shining' which I will never because I meet you every day and understand your suffering” further said Rahul Gandhi.
The Congress leader continued his attack on the BJP and said, “The opposition just sees the poverty from a distance and deliver big speeches from the stages. The opposition says 'India Shining', they market models, but India will only shine, when no one is poor. Our country will shine only if we eradicate poverty completely”.
“Support Congress and elect Congress candidates. We will surely fight for your rights” said Rahul Gandhi while concluding his address.
Full text of the speech by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Assam

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