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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rahul Gandhi to Ex-servicemen: For me politics means credibility; never give wrong promises

Rahul Gandhi tells Ex-servicemen: Congress fights for all while BJP works for only selected few
Kangra: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi interacted with Ex-servicemen at Tanda in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh on Thursday.
“I want to thank you for putting your lives at risk for securing the country.. In the next decade, we will give your children jobs especially in the manufacturing sector” said Rahul Gandhi and struck a chord with the gathering by saying, “If you have any issues, you can come to me at any time; my doors are always open for you.”
Slamming the opposition, the Congress leader commented, “Opposition believes in the politics of discrimination, but Congress believes all are crucial for the development of the country”. “The way our economy has raised in the last decade has never happened before” he told Ex-servicemen.
“Many leaders come to you, deliver big speeches and vanish. But I have come here to listen to your issues, to get your ideas. Whatever you told me, I have listened and put that in my heart. I will do my best to support you,” assured Rahul Gandhi.
Continuing his attack on the opposition, the Congress Vice President said, “The Opposition has the ideology that only the businessmen contribute to the development.. You can fool all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.
“In the past ten years a new class have emerged. We will now focus of upliftment of this new class emerged of about 70 crore people which are above BPL but below middle class.. We could build a strong floor under the feet of the poor through our MNREGA, Food Security Bill, Aadhar and Land Bills,” added Rahul Gandhi.
“Our politics is to take everyone along. Our focus is the welfare of entire people” said Rahul Gandhi and reminded, “Opposition plays the politics of discrimination. They want to use the strength of only a handful of rich people”.
“I believe politicians have only one thing in their hand - their credibility. For me politics means credibility. People are not happy with some politicians as some leaders forget people; lose credibility. Unlike others, I don't make promises which can't be fulfilled” asserted the Congress leader.
“We took the decision for one-rank-one-pension from the heart. We did so because we respect your contribution.. I had promised that I will look into the demand of one-rank-one-pension; I am happy that I could fulfil it,” he added.

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