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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: We do not support any abusive comment by anyone against our opponent

We do not support anger and hatred, says Rahul Gandhi at Ghaziabad
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi started his UP campaign by addressing a massive rally in Ghaziabad. While addressing the masses he said Delhi is near to Ghaziabad but UP government not able to give same infrastructure and development. Pharmaceutical industry and other industries gradually moved from there. He also said Congress doesn’t support harsh words or bad language against any individual.
“Our candidate used harsh words against an individual of opposition. The words he used are not in line with the ideology of Congress. Congress is a party which belongs to all. We don’t support anger. Whether our opposition calls us driver or labour for that matter or abuse but we need to speak politely.” Rahul Gandhi said.
While delivering the speech Rahul Gandhi also spoke about the ‘balloon’ of NDA which was burst by the poor people of India twice.
Rahul Gandhi also talked about the corruption. He said it’s Congress who brought the RTI to combat corruption not NDA or BJP for that matter. “BJP talks of corruption. Their leaders go to Karnataka and talk about corruption but they don’t see Yeddurappa ji who had to go to jail for corruption. They claim that they are against corruption and if you are against corruption then why you are aligning with him?” said Rahul Gandhi.
Congress Vice President also raised the topic of ex-servicemen. He said that there was NDA’s government from 1998 to 2004. They claimed what Congress has done in 10 years they will do it 3 months.
“You were in power for 6 years buy you did not implement the one rank - one pension. Now when election is approaching they are promise to do it. Ex-servicemen came to meet me, Sonia Gandhi ji and Prime Minister and requested for one rank one pension scheme. Prime Minister took only 3 days to approve it.” Rahul Gandhi said.
Rahul Gandhi also talked about the ideology of Congress, “There is a huge difference of ideology between Congress and opposition. We talk about peace and harmony not anger.”
“You need a leader who works for you. You make sure Raj Babbar ji wins from here with more than 2 lakh votes. Everyone will try to make this happen including Me.” said Rahul Gandhi.
Earlier today Congress Vice President met the artisans in Moradabad and heard their issues.

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