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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sonia Gandhi slams BJP in Haryana: People who spread divisive ideology can never build a nation

Sonia Gandhi at Haryana: BJP sees only PM post, tries to fool people with false propaganda

Mewat: Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi launched her election campaign in Haryana for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls by addressing a mega party rally at Mewat. “This is election time and we are all standing at a crucial phase today where one must decide on our country’s future. We must decide whether we want to take our country forward by strengthening our democracy by adhering to our ideology of love, brotherhood or do we need an ideology that divides the nation and its people. Our country has never faced such a serious challenge ever before and so we all must take decision after proper thinking” said Sonia Gandhi.
“The BJP has again come out with tall promises and by shedding crocodile tears. They have sent up huge campaign balloons and have been talking very big things. They have been trying to cover their real face with false propagandas. BJP sees just one thing, the PM’s chair and they try to fool people with wrong facts” said the Congress President.
Only those who have a noble heart and courage to sacrifice can build a nation. People whose minds are filled with hatred can never do it. How nation building can be possible by those who divide the country and its people?, she asked and asserted, “The history of Congress and the works done by us are before the people. No one can ignore the works done by the Congress before and after independence”.
Highlighting the achievements by the central government, Sonia Gandhi continued, “The UPA government at the Centre has implemented several programmes and policies for the welfare of the people, than any other previous non-Congress governments. We gave the people right to job, right to education, right to information and right to food. These policies made people more confident and have transformed their lives”.
“Our manifesto has promised some new initiatives including right to health and right to shelter which would be highly beneficial for the poor and downtrodden. We want to maintain our economic growth by increasing our production so that the aspirations of our youth can be fulfilled. We also intend to ensure social security for the workers in the unorganised sectors and also envisage a pension scheme for widows, old aged and disabled persons” informed the Congress President.
“For Congress, this election is not just for development and progress. For us, this is a battle to protect the values of our constitution which was given to us by our great freedom fighters and legendary leaders. Our constitution not only underlines the principle of unity in diversity but also teaches to respect everyone. We will fight for unity in this election. We will fight for a country where no one fights against each other but will live in harmony” she underlined and added, “We must fight for an India where everyone has equal rights without any discrimination of caste, language, region or religion. We will fight for an India which is secular and every citizen will feel that they are just Indians. We will fight for such a country which will never belong just to a handful of people but we want a nation where every citizen has equal place and rights”.
“I request all of you not to fall in traps of the people who spread false propagandas and ensure each and every single vote for the Congress party”, concluded Sonia Gandhi.
Full text of the speech by Congress President Sonia Gandhi at Mewat, Haryana

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