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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Congress President Sonia Gandhi at Raiganj (West Bengal), 22nd April 2014

Sonia Gandhi in West Bengal: Only Congress can give a secular government

Raiganj (WB): “We need a government which will work for all and take everyone together, forward. We need a government which believes on secular values. Only Congress can provide such a govt” said Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President and UPA Chairperson, while addressing a party election rally at Raiganj in West Bengal.
“This is election time every political parties are busy in it. But there are some parties, especially the BJP, whose prime motive is to level baseless allegations against Congress. They are crossing every limit to mislead the people” said the Congress President and added, “In order to grab Prime Minister post they are creating a buzz throughout the country. It seems they don’t have any interest in social, political and economical issues. To give them authority to run the country is a question of worry”.
Taking on the present Trinamool Congress government in the state, Sonia Gandhi said, “UPA govt. at the Centre had sanctioned an AIMS hospital for this state but earlier Left Front and the present TMC govt. failed to provide the land for it till date”. “Every person works hard for his family and saves money for a better future. But Chit-fund companies with help of state govt. have looted more than 18 lakh families. You know very well about the worsening law and order conditions in the state” she continued.
“Only unemployed people can understand the value of jobs. We do understand this issue and therefore, enacted MNREGA scheme which guarantees minimum 100 days employment in rural areas and it also curbs migration. If West Bengal govt. implemented these schemes properly then your people could have secured a job here itself. But sadly, whether it’s Left or TMC, both have neglected such development schemes” lamented Sonia Gandhi.
About the future plans of the Congress the party President informed, “We need to do implement many such projects to transform the livelihood of the poor. We, in our Manifesto, have promised Right to health, Right to shelter for every poor. We also plan to design pension schemes for senior citizens and physically disabled people. We will be establishing 2000 dedicated women police stations throughout the country and we also will ensure that 25% of the police persons are women. We also intend to provide technical training to youth and give them employment. We also will support small industries too. We need your support to implement these schemes”.
Sonia Gandhi urged the people to support Congress and elect party candidates for development of the country and welfare of the people.
Full text of speech of Sonia Gandhi at Raiganj, West Bengal

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