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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Priyanka Gandhi: Don’t vote for Sonia Gandhi but vote for the future of your children and country

Priyanka Gandhi in Raebareli hits back at opposition for baseless charges against her family

Raebareli: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and sister of party vice-president Rahul Gandhi broke her silence on the allegations levelled by BJP against her husband.
“What is happening now? Whenever we switch on TV, we hear arrogant language and personal attacks. Many things are being said about my family, my husband. I feel sad the way humiliating things are being said. I keep telling my children that one day the truth will come out” said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra while speaking at Raebareli from where her mother Sonia Gandhi is seeking a fourth term in parliament.
“I am sad because the poll campaign, which should focus on people and development, is used for attacking us. Indira Ji had taught me, if you are sincere and honest from your heart, if your intentions are clear, then you do not have to be worried. This quality itself will act as a shield for us. The more they insult us, the stronger we emerge. The more they try to suppress us, the more we will rise. This is what I learnt from Indira Gandhi. So, the more I will be humiliated, more will be my determination to fight” further said Priyanka.
“I am not worried that they attack us. But I feel that elections must be fought with development as the main plank. It must be focussed on the requirements of the people. The agenda must be based on what we are going to do for the welfare of the people and development of our country. What are we going to for our youth, how we are going to take our country forward etc must be the main talking points in an election. But the opposition misleads people with baseless allegations against us. I feel sad for such misdeeds” she added.
“Our country is known for its rich culture, unity in diversity and peace. But these values are at danger at present. That is I want to appeal to you” warned Priyanka Gandhi and continued, “Don’t vote for Sonia Gandhi, but for a good future of your children and for your country. Vote for an India where everyone – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, and Jain- live in harmony and love each other”. “Are we looking for a nation where people fight each other on caste and religion? Are we looking for a country where different castes and religions are being pitted against each other?” she asked.
“So, you vote for a good nation, for the future of your children and the youth here. Vote for those who will take our country forward by treating everyone equally” urged Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.
““I think there has been a political attack on my family and they have used my husband to make this attack, which has gone on for the past two years. I feel very strongly about it” she commented to the media while going back from the meeting.
Text of the speech by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra at Raebareli

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