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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Priyanka Gandhi: Rahul Gandhi follows footsteps of Rajiv Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi: Those who criticize Rahul Gandhi also had mocked Rajiv GandhiAmethi: “Rahul Gandhi is also following the footsteps of his father Rajiv Gandhi” said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi while speaking at an election meeting at Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, the Lok Sabha constituency of her brother and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi.
“When Rajiv Gandhi was introducing Telecom and IT revolution, the people in the opposition, who had a short term vision, had mocked him. But he went ahead with such moves and today the entire country and its people avail benefits. When he had initiated computer revolution, he had to face a lot of criticism from the very same people who are now lampooning Rahul Gandhi. But these benefits for the people of India and Amethi cannot be removed” said Priyanka Gandhi and also noted, “Rahul Gandhi also has the same far sighted vision in his approaches. All his plans, programmes and policies for Amethi have been in that direction, following his father’s footsteps. Some people say Rahul Gandhi did nothing for you and therefore, I have come with a long list on what he has done for Amethi. I can remember the development works done in Raebareli, but here so much of work has been done that I have to bring a long list with me”.
Priyanka Gandhi then explained various development works took place in Amethi under Rahul Gandhi like mega food park, better connectivity, new technical/ educational institutes and milk revolution and stated, “Rahul Gandhi did all these works for you not for his political gains but out of his towards you. His heart has a special place for Amethi. This is the land of his father and Rahul Gandhi too has a family relationship with the people of Amethi. We understand your feelings and pain. It is your love that brings me to stand in front of you. Nothing is bigger than people of Amethi for all of us. We have nothing on our own. It is the people who gave us whatever we have today”.
“He (Rajiv Gandhi) was a man people used to instantly relate to with love because of his gentleness. His other plus point was that he was a visionary. What all he did for Amethi was done out of his love for you. If he (Rajiv Gandhi) has done any development work like BHEL, Fursatganj airport, then that was not limited to one particular area, in fact, the spill over effect of development could be seen in near-by areas. He was right and even after his demise the people enjoy benefits of the works done by him” she said about late Prime Minister and creator of modern India, Rajiv Gandhi.
“Those people who complain that there is no development in this region have no adequate knowledge about Amethi” she added.
Priyanka then took an indirect dig at Smriti Irani, the BJP candidate in Amethi and said, “Criticising others is easy. I want to ask the candidate who contested from Chandni Chowk (Lok Sabha constituency in Delhi), whether she went there again after the polls. All those contesting against Rahul are here just to contest against Rahul Gandhi. They do not have any concern for the people here. But our hearts are always here. I and my family are here because of our concern for you”.
“I am pretty sure of your support and we will always remain committed for you” she concluded. Amethi goes to polls on 7th of May.
Text of the speech by Priyanka Gandhi at Amethi

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