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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Priyanka Gandhi slams Modi again, this time for his Shehzada jibe

Priyanka Gandhi in Amethi hits back at Modi for his Shehzada jibe on Rahul Gandhi
Amethi: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, took yet another dig at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi over his ‘shehzada’ remark about Rahul Gandhi. Priyanka is campaigning in Amethi, the Lok Sabha constituency of her brother and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.
“When Rajiv Gandhi had initiated landmark programmes like computer revolution, he had to face a lot of criticism from the very same people who are now lampooning Rahul Gandhi. Top leaders of a party (BJP) make fun of Rahul (Gandhi). At times they call him specimen, at times they compare him to a comedian, at times they call him dream of becoming the PM, then why behave childishly” said the Congress campaigner.
“They must tell people what are their specific plans for employment generation, development and women empowerment. Half of BJP’s manifesto is just a copy of Congress’. There are no specific programmes or schemes in it” asserted Priyanka Gandhi.
“The people, must therefore, decide what type of government they need and what sort of politics they are looking for. India has a rich tradition and culture and several Congress leaders sacrificed their lives to protect those values. All people – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians – all live in harmony here. Be vigilant enough against those divisive, destructive and negative forces, which spread hatred and anger among the people and make people, fight each other. When their leaders come to you then you must ask them to talk only about development. Ask them about their plans for your welfare. If you remain vigilant, politicians will be more careful” he underlined.
“It is the people who possess the power. The voting right is your biggest strength. You must never forget this and should never waste this chance. It is your love that brings leaders like me to stand in front of you. It is the people who create leaders. The first and foremost quality a leader must have is respect towards people. They must be open to realise the pains of the people. No leader has the right to mislead you” explained the star campaigner for the Congress party in Amethi.
“So think wisely before casting your votes. You must vote not for Rahul Gandhi, for Amethi but for the nation. Your votes must be to strengthen our country to protect its cultural ethos and values. Amethi has always been a model for others. So you must show path to others what kind of politics the country requires. You must tell others that we need a clean politics, which aims development, understands people’s issues and put in honest efforts to find solutions for their grievances” she argued.
“I am here to convey this to you, on behalf of Rahul Gandhi as he is busy campaigning across the country. So go to vote on 7th (May) in the same way as you have assembled here today, think about my words, and take a decision to strengthen the hands of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress, so that our country will go from strength to strength” concluded Priyanka Gandhi..
Text of the speech by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Amethi on 29th April, 2014

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