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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at Kishanganj Bihar

Rahul Gandhi in Bihar: People have fine tuned radars to find out truths about claims of Modi

Kishanganj: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi continues his blistering attack on BJP and Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’ and hoped that the people have effective radars to find out the truth behind the ‘toffee model’.
“You must have heard about radars which are mainly used to track aeroplanes. Similarly the people, especially from Bihar, also possess fine tuned radars. It is highly technically effective so that truth can be easily found out” said Rahul Gandhi while addressing a huge Congress rally at Bihar’s Kishanganj as part of his ongoing Lok Sabha polls.
He once again slammed the much hyped ‘Gujarat model’ and said, “About 45000 acres of land, almost the size of Purnia, has been given for a mere Rs 300 crore to a single industrialist – Adani- by Modi govt. Today, a toffee costs Rs. 1 but Modi government gave lands at Rs. 1. This is the ‘toffee model’. Same is the case with the major coastal line in Gujarat. A loan of Rs 10,000 crore was given to Tata at 0.1% interest rate for the Nano project. But a poor farmer can get loan only at an interest rate of 12%, but Tata gets loan at 0.1% interest rate for 25 years!”
“Let us examine some more facts of this ‘toffee model’ of BJP and Modi. About 40 lakh people in Gujarat are under BPL. 40% of the people are not getting adequate drinking water facilities in Gujarat; one out of two kids starves” he added.
“This election is a battle of two ideologies; between love and hatred. Congress talks with love, encourages brotherhood. But on the other side BJP spreads hatred and promotes anger. It makes people fight each other. BJP’s friend Shiv Sena, beat up your people in Maharashtra. Just listen to BJP leaders’ speeches. You will hear not a single speech which doesn’t have anger. They never acknowledge the good works of others. BJP thinks that only one man in has the entire knowledge and rest knows nothing” explained Rahul Gandhi and continued, “For BJP, this coming election is not for India or its people. They are not bothered about the poor, farmers or women in our country. For them, this election is for just Modi. They are not bothered the people. They forgot the glorious contributions of the people of Gujarat for developing that state. Modi now claims that he is the only man behind the entire progress of Gujarat”.
“Congress wants welfare of entire people, especially the poor and downtrodden. We therefore initiated a right-based paradigm. But what ideology does BJP follow? Under its model, only one man has authority for entire decisions. He urges people to make him the chowkeedar of the country. BJP wants to make him a chowkeedar (watchman) to solve all the issues in our country; But Congress wants to make every citizen a chowkeedar of our nation” said the Congress Vice President.
“So, please open your radars to find out the truth. Vote for Congress and elect our candidates” concluded Rahul Gandhi.
Full text of the speech by Congress President Rahul Gandhi' in Lahra Chowk, Kishanganj, Bihar

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