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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Bihar: BJP wants development for only a selected group

Rahul Gandhi in Bihar: NDA and BJP indulge in politics of hate
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mega party rally in Bihar’s Aurangabad as part of his campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. “Congress believes in a politics of love. We never make people fight against another. Shiv Sena is an ally of BJP and is in NDA. Who threatens the people from Bihar in Maharashtra? It is Shiv Sena, the BJP ally. But BJP and NDA come here and make huge promises of Bihar’s development but never talk about the assaults on Bihari people in Maharashtra” said the Congress leader striking a chord with the large crowd.
“Wherever BJP goes, they incite violence. They make people fight. I had interacted with some Sikh farmers working in Gujarat. They have been working there since independence but now they face threat of eviction from the Gujarat government. But the SAD which is a partner of BJP (and NDA) never uttered any word against it” said Rahul Gandhi slamming BJP and NDA.
About future plans of the Congress party, the party leader explained, “In the next ten years, we will generate 10 crore new jobs for the youth. We know that for development, our youth must get proper education and sufficient jobs. The new dedicated freight-industrial corridor project initiated by us (Delhi- Mumbai, Mumbai-Chennai and Delhi – Kolkata) will boost the industries and also will generate lakhs of job”. “We gave people right to job, right to education and right to food. Now we plan to give them right to health care so that the poor can get free medicines. We will open the doors of hospitals for them. Similarly we will also provide them with a right to shelter and we also plan pension schemes for the old aged persons” he added.
“We wanted to build a strong base under the feet of the poor. We want to instil a feeling of self reliance inside their minds. We want to empower the poor. We want their children also get quality education and proper jobs. BJP wants development for only a selected group. The issues of poor and downtrodden are not at all important for BJP” asserted the Congress Vice President.
“We talk less but act. We never give hollow promises. BJP and NDA are good at marketing and they spend huge amounts for it” he said in an indirect dig at BJP.
Rahul Gandhi then focussed on issues of women. “50% of our population is women. We always talk about super power. But India can never be a superpower if we do not empower our women. The women reservation to grant 33% reservation for women in Parliament and Assemblies are still pending. It is the BJP who opposes it as they never want women empowerment. But we will pass it like we passed the legislation to grant 50% reservation for women in Panchayats. Similarly our manifesto also offers about 2000 mahila police stations across the country. We will connect more women with the banks through Self Help Groups” he said.
“We treat everyone equally and we want to work for the welfare of all sections. But BJP talks about only one person and they think all issues will be solved if that person becomes Prime Minister. We are different from them. We believe in empowering all our citizens” underlined Rahul Gandhi and sought people’s support for Congress.
Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Aurangabad, Bihar

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