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Monday, April 7, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka targets BJP and Modi on women empowerment, corruption

Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka attacks BJP on women empowerment, corruption
Raichur: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge election rally at Karnataka’s raichur and took on BJP by attacking its double stance on women empowerment. He also mocked that BJP which he also termed as ‘Bellary Janata Party’, is good at just marketing.
“Their (BJP’s) model is to make huge balloons, fill it with the air of Gujarat Model or India Shining or Karnataka Model and send up. BJP is expert in marketing. And if they win elections they run a government for a selected group like Reddys and loot the people. It tried this model and failed in Karnataka” said Rahul Gandhi.
Rahul Gandhi alluded to the snooping scandal under Modi government in Gujarat and said police in Gujarat is used to chasing women and tapping their phones and on the other hand the BJP puts up posters saying give strength to women. “Few times back, I had seen a poster of the ‘India Shining’ people with the promise of women empowerment. They talk about women empowerment but its cadres do moral policing, beat up women in Bangalore. Further you must have heard about one of BJP’s former ministers Mr. Hallappa, who was accused of rape. There were also reports of BJP MLAs watching porn through mobiles at Assembly. How the women of India could feel safe under BJP and Modi's so-called Gujarat model when in Gujarat, policemen are sent behind women, women's phones are tapped by policemen. On one side BJP government taps the phones of women, on the other side they put posters of women empowerment!” he argued.
Praising the state government, the party vice president continued, “The present Congress government in Karnataka launched several pro-poor schemes in the past ten months. By its Anna Bhagya Yojana, every poor family gets 30 kg rice at Rs. 1 per kg. Under Ksheer Bhagya Yojana, about one crore kids get free milk. We work for the welfare of farmers, poor and downtrodden”.
Rahul Gandhi also took at a dig at BJP’s internal rifts and said, “Earlier, I had promised you regarding Article 371J. I had assured you that the Bill related to this will be passed. The senior leader of BJP Sh. Advani – sorry, he was a senior leader once but not now. BJP has cut him short now- had said that Article 371J will cut the nation into pieces. We passed it but nothing happened to our country” and asserted, “Congress, it’s PM and party President, deliver on our promised. Once we say something, we put in our sincere efforts to accomplish it”.
“BJP can never empower you and they can never respect you. They never give respects to the women who constitute 50% of our constitution, either” said the Congress leader. “Congress never runs government for any particular caste or religion. It treats everyone equally and works for entire people, without any discrimination. We do not need any other model. Karnataka has its own model and it is working fine. It is the model for the development of the poor. Congress politics is the politics of the people. The knowledge is with the people, we realise it” said the Congress leader striking a chord with the huge crowd.
“Unlike BJP, We respect you. That is the difference between Congress and BJP...Congress will always fight for you. We will not fight for just a handful of people. India can never shine till every house in our country shines. We believe in inclusive growth” concluded Rahul Gandhi.


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