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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Kerala: BJP plays with anger and makes people fight each other

Rahul Gandhi in Kerala: Only Congress party brings a balance between prosperity and fairness
Kasargode: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, while launching the campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls campaign in Kerala, addressed a huge election rally at northern district of Kasargode. While speaking on the occasion he argued that only the Congress party is bringing a balance between prosperity and fairness.
“For any society to move forward, you need two things to happen. You need prosperity and fairness. Prosperity for a few people breaks down very quickly and fairness for everybody without prosperity also breaks down” said the Congress leader and added, “If you look back to history, you will see that the most popular emperors or rulers were those who could create a balance between prosperity and fairness”. “It is only the Congress party that brings a balance between prosperity and fairness; we bring together industry and the people. We want that industries must come to Kasargode but the people of Kasargode must also get its benefits,” asserted Rahul Gandhi.
In a direct attack on BJP, the Congress Vice President continued, “The Congress party tries to reduce anger in society. The opposition, particularly the BJP, plays with anger and tries to increase the anger in the society. They want to divide you and want you to fight with each other and they want to advantage of that fight. But the real aim of making you fight is to take away your resources, to take away your wealth and hand it over to a few people. They think if they make the people of India fight you won’t question when a few people take away your wealth, money and a few business people get all your power”.
“If you look at the statements of the opposition leaders, one of the statements they make is, “I will be India’s chowkeedar (watchman)”. In the Congress party we don’t want to give you one watchman. We want all of you, the millions of people in our country, chowkeedars. We believe the millions and millions of our people. We want to give you powers through our right based paradigms, we wnat to give right t information, Lokpal, Panchayati Raj and we want to give more and more powers to the poor, women and youngsters of our country”, added Rahul Gandhi.
While referring to the Congress manifesto for the 2014 general election, the Congress leader informed, “I want to tell little bit on what we are going to do after winning the 2014 elections. Over the past ten years of our rule, we have lifted 15 crore people out of poverty. Now a new class of people has been created, those are above poverty line but below the middle class. These are the carpenters, security guards, truck drivers, and plumbers - those who run this country. There are 70 cr people who fall in this category. Our entire focus is to take this 70 cr people to the middle class. We want to open the doors of education and health care systems for them. We want to give them all their children opportunity for higher education to make their dreams come true”.
“They must realise that success always comes from partnerships. UPA govt has been successful in the past ten years because we built a partnership between the business and poor people. The UPA govt built a partnership between different sections of people, belonging to all caste, religions and regions, across the country. We want every single person believes that there is a place and future for him in the country” he added.
Rahul Gandhi will also address similar rallies in the state later today.
Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Kasargode, Kerala

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