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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Pune, Maharashtra: 2014 polls a battle between Gandhi's and Godse's thoughts

Pune: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a mammoth election rally at Pune in Maharashtra, said that 2014 election is a battle between politics of love and politics of anger."This election is a battle of two ideologies; one is that of Congress which believes in uniting and empowering people and the other is that of BJP. This election is a battle between the ideologies of Gandhi Ji and Godse -- the battle between politics of love and politics of anger. One ideology (Congress') unites and the other (BJP's) is divisive. Remember, whenever these two ideologies fought, always the ideology of Gandhi ji and the Congress party won. Godse had killed Gandhi Ji because he could not challenge Gandhi ji's ideology, thought and love. He had no reply to Gandhi Ji and so he took out his gun and murdered Gandhi ji", argued the Congress leader and added, "No one can defeat Congress' ideology. It is due to this vision, our country developed,

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