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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: Modi will be in jail if proper RTI commissioners are appointed in Gujarat

 Rahul Gandhi: If proper RTI commissioners, Lokayukta are appointed in Gujarat, Modi will be in jail

Dahod: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi launched yet another scathing attack on BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
While addressing a huge election rally at Dahod in Gujarat, the Congress leader lamented, “Modi talks loud of corruption but is not seeing the convicted ministers in his cabinet. Congress enacted RTI - a powerful weapon to fight corruption. Every citizen is legally entitled to gather any information about govt. Functioning. Lots of graft cases came out. But remember, there are no sufficient RTI commissioners in Gujarat under Modi. There is only one chowkeedar - Modi. There is no proper Lokayukta too. The day Gujarat has adequate RTI commissioners and proper Lokayukta, your chowkeedar (Modi) will be in jail”.
“Gujarat has developed in the past 60 years due to the hard works of its people. The diamond workers, textile workers as well as the women who contributed high for Amul’s establishment had a good role in state’s progress. But, now, here is new leader Modi ji, who claims credits for entire development in Gujarat as if the state was sleeping in the past 60 years. Now, he promises to develop entire country too, as if nothing had taken place in our country in the past 60 years!” further said Rahul Gandhi.
“He roams around the country and urges the people to make him a chowkeedar (watchman). He wants people to hand over the key of India to him. Remember, some chowkeedar loots too. Congress wants every Indian to become a watchman of the country” said the Congress Vice President amid huge cheers from the crowd..
“This election is a fight between two ideologies. On one side there is Congress party which believes in love, brother hood and unites people. It takes everyone along and aims at developing all. On the other side we have BJP which wants development of only a selected group. It wants progress for just 2-3 business persons. It wants farmers remain as farmers and workers to remain as mere workers” he said.
“We want people dream big. Over the past ten years we ensured that your money reached you back. Every year we allot Rs. 30000 cr for NREGA, to guarantee jobs to rural poor. It is your money, not of any business person. We ensure that every Indian avail its benefits, without any discrimination. For the first time, people started realising their rights. Similarly we gave people right to food by which every poor is assured with food” said the Congress leader.
“Just listen to Congress leader’s speeches. We never say ‘I ‘ but ‘we’. But Modi ji keeps on saying ‘mein, mein, mein...’ “I will do it, I will do that, I developed Gujarat, I will develop India..” Tomorrow he also may say that he will transform the entire globe and entire universe” mocked Rahul Gandhi.
He urged people to support Congress and elect party candidates in the coming Lok Sabha polls.
Full text of the speech by Rahul Gandhi at Dahod, Gujarat

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