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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: UPA 3 will be formed again after the elections

Rahul Gandhi in Punjab: Modi wants only Adani to dream big, ignores the poor
Bhatinda: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi launched yet another scathing attack on BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi while speaking at an election rally at Bhatinda in Punjab, on Monday.
“Congress is not against helping industries. We need to extend all our possible assistance and support to businessmen but it is wrong to give all facilities just to one businessman. For BJP, development means, progress of 2-3 industrialists... Congress wants all poor also to dream big. We want to uplift the weak and downtrodden. But Modi wants only Adani to have big dreams” said the Congress leader. “In Punjab, money meant for people’s welfare, goes to some selected businessmen. But Congress wants development to reach every person” he added.
Slamming Modi’s double-stance on corruption, Rahul Gandhi lamented, “Modi roams around and talks big of corruption but he does not see the large scale graft in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Gujarat. He has joined hands with former Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa, who had gone to jail for corruption charges”.
Taking on NDA alluy SAD, the Congress Vice President said, “A delegation of Sikh farmers, working in Gujarat had come to me. They told me with tears in their eyes that Modi government called them ‘outsiders’ in Gujarat. They have been working hard in Gujarat since independence but today they face threat of eviction from the Gujarat government. The SAD, which runs a government in Punjab with BJP, does not utter a word against it”.
“We see posters of Modi and BJP on women empowerment. But BJP cadres beat up women in Karnataka. About 20000 women are missing in Chhattisgarh. Modi government in Gujarat has sent its entire police forces after a woman and tap her phone calls” said Rahul Gandhi in an direct attack on Modi.
“Just listen to the speeches of Modi and other BJP leaders. You will not see even a single word of appreciation about others. Their speeches are filled with anger and hatred. But please also hear the speeches of Congress leaders. We never abuse anyone. We talk with respect even about our enemies” he said further with a comment, ”Modi does not believe in people’s power. On the other hand Congress has faith in its people and their strength”. “Congress is going to form a government this time too after the elections. You will soon witness yet another tremendous growth” asserted the Congress leader.
“BJP and Punjab government blames Pakistan for the growing drug menace in the state. Pakistan may have some role. But what does the state government do? It also has a responsibility to fight this dangerous evil. Please allow Congress to form a government here. We will not run away from our responsibility by blaming Pakistan or America. If we get a chance to form a government in Punjab, the first thing we would do will be to fight this drug menace. We will eradicate this menace once we form a government here. Full stop”, concluded Rahul Gandhi.
Full text of the speech by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at PCPCL Sports Stadium Ground, Bathinda, Punjab

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