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Friday, May 2, 2014

Priyanka Gandhi in Amethi: Nobody is bigger than the people in democracy

Priyanka Gandhi in Amethi: Nobody is bigger than the people in democracy
Amethi: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of Congress President Sonia Gandhi campaigned for her brother and party Vice President Rahul Gandhi in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi. In an indirect dig at BJP and its prime ministerial Narendra Modi, the Congress’ star campaigner said, “There are some people who urge you to give your power to them and say only they posses entire knowledge and solution for all issues; they also claim only they can develop the country, it doesn’t happen in democracy. It’s the people to decide, as they have the power and authority and that is called democracy”.
“Now it’s up to you to think and decide for whom Rahul Ji has done such works. Many political leaders come to you and criticize him. You have to understand their motive. I know you are smart enough to understand who works for you with loyalty, honesty and who makes false promises” said Priyanka striking an emotional chord.
“Rajiv ji shared a family relation with you. Rahul Gandhi at the age of 21 saw his father died. Rajiv Ji gave his life not only for the country but also for you. He used to work immensely for you. When Rahul ji saw that his father was working sincerely for you with honesty, believing in an ideology and eventually sacrificed his life for the country” she added.
“Many people fail to understand the love we share with the people of Amethi. When someone from your family comes and work for your welfare and development, he can’t have any political interest. He thinks that it’s a workplace of Rajiv ji. It’s our religion to work for you. Nobody is bigger than the people, this is what we had learnt from Rajiv ji” continued Priyanka Gandhi.
“Everyone in my family recognized the power of the masses. We never ask from you to give your power to us. All we say that you should get you power and rights back. Only you can transform this country. You have the right to vote and this is your biggest responsibility” she told the gathering.
“There are some ideologies which are disastrous for the country. They spread rage, hatred and anger. Ours is a unique country in the world. There are people from different religion and community who live in peace and harmony. This is our culture practiced by all – the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jain and Christians. And if our culture is in danger then you must fight to protect it. It’s your responsibility” commented the Congress’ star campaigner in a clear dig at Modi.
“This election is not only about you but it will decide the future of our country. You must decide what kind of ideology you want. Nobody has the courage to come here and cheat people. You have the wisdom and knowledge. You always showed your support only to those persons who worked for you” said Priyanka Gandhi and added, “If you had supported Rajiv ji it was because he transformed this region; you supported Sonia ji because she worked for you day and night. You also support Rahul Gandhi ji because you know that he also works for you with commitment and determination”.
Text of the speech by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Amethi

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