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Monday, May 5, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Amethi: Our rivals will vanish after the polls, but I am here always with you

Rahul Gandhi in Amethi takes on Modi attacks Gujarat model
 “Criticism is very easy. Leaders come and make long speeches attacking us and vanish. But delivering on promises and work for development is a different act altogether. It is not easy to connect 12 lakh women with SHG. Lots of efforts are required to accomplish it” said Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi.
“Many leaders come to you and give away lectures. Their minds are filled with anger. I can tell you why. They are well aware that my relation with Amethi is not political, but it is a family relationship. India Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi also have the same affectionate relationship with you and our rivals do not like this and they try to break it. That is why they behave angrily. Let them do whatever they want to do. My bond with people of Amethi is deep rooted and no one can ever break it” said the Amethi MP striking an emotional chord with the people.
“This election is a battle between two ideologies. One is that of Congress, which believes in unity and to work in harmony talking all communities together.. On the other side we have a politics based on anger. You have been listening to me; did you see me abusing anyone? Did I show any anger? Did I level any false allegation against anybody? No; but what about our rivals? Their hearts are filled with anger. They abuse, spread wrong facts, level baseless allegations. But I am never angry as I believe that only love can take us forward. Development will be possible only if we work with love” explained Rahul Gandhi.
“Our ideology is that ensuring welfare of the poor is mandatory for development. They need support and assistance from the government. The rich people are capable enough to look after themselves. They have huge bank accounts and ATM card. We want to give ATM cards to every poor” he added.
In a fresh attack on BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, the Congress leader lamented, “BJP and Modi do politics for just 2-3 industrialists. Modi government favoured them and now those businessmen fund for entire election campaigning of BJP and Modi. They spend a lot for marketing BJP. One must ask BJP leaders from where they get this huge fund for electioneering. This money is not of Modi but of those industrialists to which he handed over huge lands and contracts”.
We do not want such a politics... We are not against helping and supporting business class.. We value their contributions. We need to build partnership between industries and the poor. Together, we must work for taking our country forward” he asserted. “But BJP thinks just opposite. They never bother about welfare or upliftment of the weaker sections. They want development just for people like Adani” further said the Congress Vice President.
“These people (BJP) do not want to see your welfare. They just come here during elections, talk big and disappear. You will not see them after a day of the polls. But you will always see me, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, here. We will keep coming to you and will fight for you. Your fight is mine too” said Rahul Gandhi while ending his speech.
Text of the speech by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in Amethi

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