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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in UP: We want to empower you but BJP suppresses people’s strength

Chandauli (UP): After a spectacular road show in Varanasi, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhilaunched yet another attack on BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi while speaking at an impressive election rally at Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.
“We want people to have big dreams but BJP wants only Adani to dream big. We want to empower you but BJP suppresses your strength. BJP takes your money and hands it over to 2-3 industrialists” said the Congress leader.  “The most important contribution of this land is that you gave us an ideology – that of Lord Buddha. He had taught us to treat everyone equally and take all along. He had understood this ideology 3000 years back; he had travelled across India spreading the message of unity and peace. He taught us that every individual must have a space in our country. This has been the ideology of Congress too” he said further striking a chord with the huge crowd.
“Congress believes that the benefits of development must reach people. Opposition wants entire wealth must go to 2-3 industrialists” said Rahul Gandhi and clarified, “I am not saying that we must not help industrialists. We must support them. But what Congress wants to ensure that the benefits of development also reach common people and so we need to build a partnership between the poor and the business class. We do not want that people work hard and bring in development, and the entire wealth generated go to the pockets of a selected group”.
In another dig at BJP, the Congress Vice President added, “We want to build a strong foundation based on rights under the feet of every poor.  We want them too to have big dreams. We want to reform their lives.. The opposition parties do not such a vision. They want farmers to remain as farmers, workers to remain as workers. But Congress wants to bring in reforms in their lives. We want them to dream big and achieve big”.
The young Congress leader once again slammed Gujarat Model and said, “There are big talks about Modi’s Gujarat development. But let us just examine some of the facts of this much-hyped model. About 45000 acres of land in Gujarat were given to one businessman at Rs. 1 per mtr. These lands were belonging to poor farmers and they are now forced to work under MNREGA. They get food under Centre’s food security scheme. The entire budget for education and health of the Gujarat govt is just a mere Rs. 8000 cr but it gave Rs. 40000 cr to just one industrialist Adani. This is the ‘Gujarat model’ of BJP”.
“Indian Air Force had asked for lands in Gujarat from the Modi government but we had to wage a long battle for 7 years to get the approval from state government. Finally, it agreed to give land but at higher cost. But Modi government was ready give away land to Adani at Rs 1 per mtr! Adani did not anything in the land to help the poor. He, within a short span of time, sold those lands at Rs 8000 per mtr and earned huge profit” he said further.
“We talk about love and brotherhood. Just listen to the speeches of Congress leaders. We never abuse anyone. But just listen to the speeches BJP leaders. It is full of hatred and anger. They spread rumours and level baseless allegations. They shower abuses on others.  India can develop only if we work with love. India belongs to all Indians and it will ever remain so. That is what Lord Buddha taught us” said Rahul Gandhi while concluding his aggressive speech.

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