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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sonia Gandhi speaks at Congress election rally at Tosham, Bhiwani in Haryana

Congress President Sonia Gandhi addressed a mammoth election rally at Tosham in Bhiwani, Haryana as part of her campaign for the upcoming assembly elections in the state. “Ensure each and every vote for Congress to secure the future of Haryana. Our govt will be pro-poor, pro-farmers will work for safety and security for women” she assured. “I bow to this land of freedom fighters of Pandit Neki Ram ji, Fateh Chand ji and Babu Gupta ji” she said.“We never give hollow promises. Whatever we say, we do. Haryana is the land of farmers. They have done a lot for development; it is the land of brave soldiers who fight to protect our nation. NDA govt and BJP shed crocodile tears. All their policies are anti-poor. Modi govt in a move to help American Pharma companies, increased prices of essential medicines, said Sonia Gandhi and charged, “NDA govt is trying to weaken MNREGA”.

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