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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi, says 56-Inch chest will shrink to 5.6 inches

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a gathering of Congress workers in Jaipur as part of his two-day visit to Rajasthan. He slammed the BJP govt in Rajasthan as well as the Narendra Modi-led govt at the Centre. “ I never understood the practical use of pagdi. After walking 10 km in Rajasthan, I have understood the importance of a pagdi.. I liked the movie Lagaan about the poor of India, and tax being taken from farmers, and how they unite.. In the end, the farmers win. In the movie, and in real life.” He said. “The farmers in our country, the people and the Congress party will make the 56inch chest to 5.6 inch, if they try to grab the lands of the poor” warned the Congress leader.

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