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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rahul Gandhi flags off procession at Red Fort Ground on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, while flagging off a procession at Red Fort Ground in Delhi on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti, asserted that India belongs to people of every religion, every caste and every section, even as he stressed the need to give “more attention” to the cause of the weaker sections of society. Addressing a gathering of people of the Valmiki community Rahul Gandhi said the country belongs to people from all religions and castes and sections. He also maintained that a special focus should be given to the cause of empowering the weaker sections of society “if everyone is to stay happily in the country”. “Congress’ ideology tells us that this country belongs to people of each religion, caste and each individual. All should live with respect and love and harmony. And if we want everyone to stay happily, then the weaker ones, oppressed ones, who don’t get space, they need to be given priority,” said Rahul Gandhi.

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