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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rahul Gandhi campaigns for Congress in Hardoi, U.P on 28 Jan 2012

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a well attended gathering at Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh as part of his campaign for the Congress, recalled his great grand-father and the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru remembering his famous quote "I am not your first Prime Minister but am your first servant". He said that every political leader should have this vision of Pt. Nehru that they are the servants of the people and the society.
Rahul Gandhi said that the non-Congress parties who ruled the state for the past 22 years blocked development in Uttar Pradesh. The Congress General Secretary also said that the present BSP Government in U.P ignored the plight of the poor and looted the funds sent by the Central Government. Rahul Gandhi added that the state needs a government that works for all caste, religion, aam aadmi, poor, minorities, dalits and adivasis and only Congress can provide it.
Rahul Gandhi reminded that in 2004 people gave a mandate to the Congress. "During the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in 2004 while other parties made a number of hollow promises Congress had only promised a government of aam aadmi that works for poor, farmers, minorities, dalits and adivasis and we delivered it. "We want every citizen, people from every caste, creed and religion, to be a part in the process of development".

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