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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: Non-Congress parties and leaders lack long term vision

Flaying non-Congress (I) governments of Uttar Pradesh for remaining busy in grabbing and manipulation of power and plunder of central funds, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has accused them for lacking in vision or agenda for developing the state on modern lines. The priority of the non-congress governments has never been development and welfare of the people of the state, said Rahul Gandhi while campaigning for Congress in the poll bound Uttar Pradesh. "In 1980 Rajiv Gandhi talked about computers and people are getting benefited today. Until and unless leaders think in long-term UP cannot progress," Rahul Gandhi said. The states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka progressed because Congress (I) governments there had a vision and leaders thought about the future, he added. "Non-Congress governments here think only about today," that is looting of central funds. Rahul Gandhi said money and programs sent from center are not reaching the poor thus adversely affecting the future of the people and of the state. Rahul Gandhi assured the people that if voted to power Congress (I) will fulfill the expectations of the people and put the state on fast track development.

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