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Monday, June 25, 2012

Rahul Gandhi at IIIT Amethi: IT has a role to play to ensure connectivity

Congress General Secretary and MP from Amethi Rahul Gandhi while speaking at the occasion of the convocation ceremony at IIIT Amethi and said that it should be our mission to ensure connectivity among the people of our country.
Rahul Gandhi said “So what is your role as IT practitioners? I asked many of your friends and most of them told that they would like to do jobs. What you do not realize is that while you are doing jobs, you are building the bridge that is going to connect these two Indias. Some of you would be more interested in your jobs and may not be much interested about what is happening in the country. But while you are doing your job, while developing software or any other IT products, while working on computers, without knowing it, you are building that bridge. There may be people who are taking special interest in the national affairs. And they may be doing works in that regard apart from their job. Anyhow, you have already started the process of connecting our nation and I want to thank you for that,” commented Rahul Gandhi.

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