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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sonia Gandhi remembers Mahatma Gandhi

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, while participating in the discussion on the occasion to commemorate the 60th anniversary of India's first Parliamentary session had said that we should remember Gandhi Ji’s vision that the weakest of the society should have the same opportunity as the strongest.
"My notion of democracy", said Gandhiji, the Father of our nation and the leader of our freedom struggle, "is that under it the weakest should have the same opportunity as the strongest," said Sonia Gandhi.
The Congress President argued that it was this revolutionary idea that opened the doors of our legislatures to them and began to transform the Indian society. “It has done so in a peaceful and evolutionary manner, founded on the time-tested principles of secularism and social justice,” asserted Sonia Gandhi.
Sonia Gandhi said that we could say with pride that India’s parliament, elected by the largest electorate in the world and reflecting the aspirations of some 1.2 billion people, has grown into a great representative political institution.
Sonia Gandhi also paid her tributes to the great National leaders who played crucial roles in the freedom movement. “I pay my deepest tribute to the Mahatma. He was no longer living when this House first met, yet he was the guiding light that made it all possible.  Leading a life of spartan simplicity he dedicated himself to the last and the least. He taught us the power of love and compassion” added Sonia Gandhi.

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