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Monday, November 19, 2012

Indira Gandhi believed that nations are built on the strength of their determination: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi , UPA Chairperson and Congress President addressing the gathering at Dhaka on the occassion of Indiraji being conferred with the  Bangladesh Freedom Honour said " Women's empowerment has been a key factor in your success. Your NGO's and Government have worked together most effectively for the better delivery of services. We each have something to teach the other and must continue to do so in the spirit of mutual respect and equality. Of course our countries will follow their own chosen paths of development but to the extent we are able to cooperate and learn from each other's experiences. That is what Indira Gandhi would have wanted and that is what I hope we will constantly endeavour to do.
Indira Gandhi rightly believed that nations are built on the strength of their determination in facing problems, no matter how immense. The people of Bangladesh and its leaders, its freedom fighters have given ample evidence of such courage in the face of innumerable odds and difficulties. And you Madam Prime Minister exemplify this through your inspiring and enlightened leadership. You have endured hardships, made many sacrifices and stood steadfast by your principles in the course of your long public life.
Indira Gandhi whom you had known would have been proud of you.
Mr. President , Madam PrimeMinister we in India whole heartedly subscribe to building the closest friendship and cooperation with Bangladesh. You can be sure that as Bangladesh moves from success to success there will be no louder cheer than that from us in India.

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