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Monday, November 19, 2012

Nation remembers Indira Gandhi Part- 1

November 19 is the 95th birth anniversary of one the most charismatic leaders of modern India, our first and only woman prime minister, cherished by millions - the Iron Lady of India, Indira Gandhi. She is regarded by many as the country's best prime minister and her extensive agricultural and financial reforms are still relevant. Even after twenty eight years of her assassination, that has shocked the entire world, India's only woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, has an enduring presence in the minds of most Indians. For many she remains a messiah who connected directly to the poor and underprivileged with her social welfare programmes and catchy populist slogans like garibi hatao (oust poverty). She had contributed a lot for the upliftment of the downtrodden in the country. To this day leaders of Congress party seek votes in remote areas of the country in the name of Indira Gandhi. This shows how the Indian poor across the country remember their greatest leader Indira Gandhi even today. The present Congress President Sonia Gandhi, following the foot steps of Indira Gandhi, is also seriously and sincerely keeping the aam aadmi as the main focus of the Congress and the Congress-led governments. Further Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi loves to be amongst the masses to know more about them, learn their problems and to find solutions for the grievances. Rahul Gandhi always made it clear that he got the inspiration to go to the poor from his grand mother Indira Gandhi.

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