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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rahul Gandhi in Delhi: The voice of the aam aadmi should reach the political system

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi encouraged Congress supporters on Sunday, at a big rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, defending the UPA government and exhorting the youth to join politics. He also used the opportunity to convey that the voice of the common man should reach the system if we want proper development. He also slammed the opposition for halting the welfare policies of the central government.
Rahul Gandhi said “The voice of the aam aadmi is not reaching political echelons. The biggest short coming in the present system is that the doors are closed for aam aadmi and other weaker section of the society. The poor in the country are not able to get proper education for their children and there no sufficient employment opportunities for the poor”.
The Congress leader continued “The doors of the political system are now closed for the aam aadmi.  The youth in our country have bigger dreams but their dreams are being shattered. Is anyone in the opposition raised voice for cleansing the system? Does anyone of them talk about changing the system? I could not hear anything in this regard from them.  The voice of the aam aadmi does not reach the political system here”
“Till the common man - youth from underprivileged backgrounds - come into politics, change cannot happen. Nothing can be achieved by just opposing anything, but we should show the way. If anyone has done so, that is Manmohan singh Ji, Sonia ji and the Congress party”, argued Rahul Gandhi. 
The rally was one of the biggest political rally witnessed by Delhi in which thousands of people from various parts of the country had attended. The rally was also addressed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh alongwith several senior leaders.

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