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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rahul Gandhi in Delhi: We should open the doors of politics for all

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi encouraged Congress supporters on Sunday, at a big rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, defending the UPA government and exhorting the youth to join politics.. He also underlined the need of changing and cleansing the exisiting political system in the country.
“I am talking about the future. I am talking about the Congress. We have to open the door of the system for all. We will have to listen to the lakhs people are assembled here. They are the future and we should give them a chance to become the leaders of tomorrow” said Rahul Gandhi.
“If we want the country to surge ahead, we the Congress party, should open our doors for the common people.  Only we can do it. The opposition can only create obstructions. We have proved it also. Who was instrumental for the green revolution? Who brought the computer revolution?  Who initiated the liberalization process? It was Congress which did all these and only Congress can change the political system” argued the Congress leader.
Rahul Gandhi went on to say “It was Gandhi Ji who rejuvenated the Congress Party, hundred years back. When he came to India Congress was almost defunct. He opened the doors of the Congress Party to the people and Congress became the voice of the Indians.  And when the Congress became the voice of the entire India, English had to run back to England.  We will have to do exactly the same by opening our doors for the common man so that their voices could be heard. We will have to take the youth, farmers and all other people along with us in our political process and then only we can change the system and the country”.
“I know the Congress Party well. I am also aware that the youth in our party wants positive changes. Many of them are fed up with the system but I assure them that I am here to fight for them. We will, together, work hard to bring in positive changes in the system for a better developed country. We will help the youth to fulfill their dreams” added the Congress leader.
The rally was one of the biggest witnessed by Delhi in which thousands of people from various parts of the country had attended. The rally was also addressed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh alongwith several senior leaders.

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