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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sonia Gandhi at UPA-II, 4th anniversary function

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My greetings to you all on the fourth anniversary of UPA-2 . This is an appropriate moment to celebrate. It is also an appropriate moment to reflect on what we have sought to do during this past nine years. Our focus has never been in doubt and we have never deviated from our priorities. To strengthen our secular ethos, to address the needs of our people especially the weaker section , whether they are women or minority, schedule caste or schedule tribes or backwards. To pay special attention to farmers and workers and to strive for a growing dynamic economy that is both just and inclusive. You all are familiar with our major initiatives and there have indeed been many, as the Prime Minister has just explained to us. So can anyone question the magnitude of the changes we have been able to bring about. All states across party lines have received unprecedented assistance from our government for development programmes and schemes. Governance is now subject to strict transparency and accountability as a result of the laws that we have put in place. The weaker section of society, the dalits , adivasis, OBCs , minorities, women have been further empowered to a number of new and very effective initiatives. Never before have procurement prices for farmers being increased as they have in the last nine years. And this has led to a record production of food grains. Never before have so many of our children been in schools and colleges aspiring for better future. The nation is closely connected today through the expansion of rural roads and through mobile telephone network which is the second largest in the world with the cheapest call rates. The world is going through a financial crisis yet our government has been able to navigate these turbulent times with confidence. And has shown resilience. As the PM has said we see the making of economic recovery.

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