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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sonia Gandhi and MGNREGA

 For Sonia Gandhi empowerment of our brothers in the villages has got a new dimension through this MGREGA. This has proved itself as the lifeline particularly for Dalits and Adivasis. It is providing social security as well.

 Amongst the beneficiaries of this scheme , women constitute 50%. This scheme has helped in controlling the migration from villages under compulsion. Village based Post Offices and Banks have also got a new boost by keeping and maintaining the accounts of this scheme. Farm labourers have started getting better wages due to the implementation of this scheme.
One salient feature of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA is that it has not only generated jobs but it has created `Green Employmen.

 She believes that through the help of Women Self help Groups and NGO's it can be build stronger and  MGNREGA has the capacity to improve farm productivity and bring in more Green revolution. It's budget of 40 thousand crores should be utilized in

Improving the quality of the land owned by marginal farmers and to provide them water for irrigation. Because such farmers possess 80% of our farmland. 

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