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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rahul Gandhi in Aligarh kicks-starts Congress campaign; slams opposition

Aligarh: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kick started his party’s campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls by addressing a mammoth rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh.

How is the Government is functioning here in UP? Are you getting any benefits? Are the lap tops supplied by the state Government working? Are the people here getting employment? The ruling party here had made a number promises? Did they deliver on it?

Yesterday I addressed people in Delhi. Before that I was in Gujarat and I had an interaction with the media. The press persons asked me about my comment on the Ordinance (on convicted lawmakers). I had said that such an Ordinance is nonsense. The journalists commented that I made the statement on Ordinance at a wrong time. I asked them whether my said comment was right or wrong. They replied that what I said was right. So, I asked them whether there is any fixed time to tell the truth! Has that time come in Indian politics that one should search for auspicious time to tell the truth?

Do you remember, few years back, some farmers were killed here in Aligarh. When there were agitations were going on at Bhatta-Parsaul, there were similar strikes in Aligarh too. We came to you and joined you in your battle. When farmers were killed here, we promised that we would protect them.

When the state Govt acquired lands of the poor farmers, they never sought your consent. But whenever the lands of rich people were to be acquired, the government gave proper market price for their lands. But no one asked the poor farmers when the government acquired their lands. This was the situation. I promised that Congress will fight with you and surely win it.

It took time, but the promise was fulfilled. We fought and we made sure that the Bill was passed. The opposition tried to play all tricks to block this Bill; they sent it to the Standing Committee; but finally the Bill was passed by the Parliament and I want to tell you clearly that the farmers in Aligarh will be the biggest beneficiaries.

We have done more. We run a government at the Centre which gives rights to the people. The people of UP is having a government of ‘computers’; but the computers do not work; there is no electricity.

We gave the people their right to job. This benefitted crores of people in our country. Now we have implemented the right to food. We are going to provide the entire poor in the country with food grains at Rs. 1 per kg. There are lots of labourers here; they work hard every day and are worried whether they and their children would be able to have proper food next day. But, now, not only tomorrow, but your kids will get food every day.  This is the guarantee of the Congress Party.

But, what is happening in Uttar Pradesh? When we, the Congress Government, guarantees 35kg of food grains every month to the poor, across the country, the state government in Uttar Pradesh says that it would not implement this important scheme here in UP till 2014 elections. They are afraid that if it implements food security law brought in by the Congress in UP, the people in large numbers will vote for the Congress party and the ruling party here will face a huge defeat.

So, I want to tell you to pressurise the state government in UP; because now it is your right to get good. The Congress government at the Centre has given you right to food and the entire people in UP must be able to avail its benefit. So you must demand it from the state government; this is your fight; this is the fight of the Congress party too.  You will have to take this battle ahead to ensure your rights in UP like you did it Bhatta-Parsaul.  Are you ready for it? No one in Uttar Pradesh should live hungry.  Food is your right; Congress party has ensured it; now you must ensure that you have it here in Uttar Pradesh. The youth here must play a leading role in this battle because only they can transform UP.  SP or BSP cannot help you in this regard. Only Congress can do it.

The Congress party had promised you that we will form a government which works for aam aadmi, the poor, the youth and the women; we delivered it in 2004, 2009 and we are going to repeat it in 2014. We will continue with our efforts to grant the people their rights like the way gave you right to job, right to food and right to education.

Before concluding, I want to tell you something about Muzaffarnagar riots. Hindus and Muslims died in the riots..I spoke to both communities, they told me, there is no anger between them. Politicians have created this rift.  They told me that the riots were orchestrated by the people who want to divide people. The riot was the handiwork of some people who indulge in divisive politics with an aim to reap narrow political gains. Muzaffarnagar riots caused because of political forces

Common people do not want to fight, they want to live peacefully, and earn a living. There are some people who believe that they cannot win polls without creating riots. They, therefore, want to create Hindu-Muslim divide. I want to tell these people that Hindustan has a rich tradition of unity in diversity. We want everyone – whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs or whatever- to live in harmony. We will never allow anyone to divide us or to destroy the peace. This is the history of Congress.

Congress treats everyone equally. That is why we put in our efforts to grant people their rights. We never serve people looking at their caste or religion. We believe in inclusive growth. 

UP is regressing because political forces make you fight amongst yourselves. Some persons try to create Hindu-Muslim divide. This state will progress only if the people talk about unity and development. Only Congress party can do so and we will do it with your support.  We will fight for Uttar Pradesh and its people.

Thank you.

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