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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rahul Gandhi addresses Lok Sabha, urges all parties to pass Lokpal Bill

Rahul Gandhi wants to extend Parl. Session to pass the pending anti-corruption Bills too
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while taking part in the debate on Lokpal Bill urged all political parties to support the Bill and ensure its smooth passage. He also asked why the ongoing Parliament's Winter Session could not be extended to ensure that the pending anti-corruption bills also could be passed.

“Prevention of Corruption Bill, 2013 Amendment, The right to Citizens to time bound delivery of goods and services and redressal of grievance Bill, 2011, Public procurement Bill 2012, Bill to address foreign bribery as required under Article 16, Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill 2010,  The whistle blowers protection Bill, 2011; these are those Bills which we can pass. If necessary Madam Speaker, can we not extend the session of Parliament to complete the passage of these bills and provide this country with a frame work to fight corruption” urged the Congress Member of Parliament from Amethi.

“The Lokpal bill was first introduced by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1968. We have the chance to make history by enacting the Lokpal Bill. I appeal to all parties to come together and pass the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill unanimously” said Rahul Gandhi beginning his brief address and added, “The Right to Information Act, 2009 was UPA’s first and most important assault on corruption in this country. The establishment of Lokpal is necessary to strengthen the fight against corruption and to ensure accountability of public officials to the people”.

“But the Lokpal Bill alone is not adequate to fight corruption. We need a comprehensive anti-corruption code in this country. The UPA Government has developed a powerful anti-corruption frame work consisting of eight new Central laws. Even after the passage of the Lokpal Bill, four of these bills are pending in Lok Sabha and two in the Rajya Sabha”, further said the Congress Vice President.

“I believe it is our responsibility to complete our unfinished work in our fight against corruption. I believe it is the responsibility of the 15th Lok Sabha to consider and enact all six pending anti-corruption bills before its term expires,” said Rahul Gandhi amidst applauds from the Congress members.

The bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha yesterday. Veteran social activist Anna Hazare who is on an indefinite fast demanding a strong Lokpal Bill had thanked Rahul Gandhi for his commitment towards passage of the Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

Full text of Sh. Rahul Gandhi’s address in Lok Sabha on Lokpal Bill

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