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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha wants extension of the session to pass the pending anti-graft bills too

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while taking part in the debate on Lokpal Bill asked why the ongoing Parliament's Winter Session could not be extended to ensure that the pending anti-corruption bills also could be passed. “Prevention of Corruption Bill, 2013 Amendment, The right to Citizens to time bound delivery of goods and services and redressal of grievance Bill, 2011, Public procurement Bill 2012, Bill to address foreign bribery as required under Article 16, Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill 2010, The whistle blowers protection Bill, 2011; these are those Bills which we can pass. If necessary Madam Speaker, can we not extend the session of Parliament to complete the passage of these bills and provide this country with a frame work to fight corruption” urged the Congress Member of Parliament from Amethi.

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