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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rahul Gandhi wants Maharashtra Govt to reconsider Adarsh decision

Rahul Gandhi wants Maharashtra Govt to reconsider Adarsh decision
Congress Vice President Sh. Rahul Gandhi held a meeting with state ministers to discuss the formation of Lokayukt and the framework to combat the corruption in the Nation.

“Let's stop talking, let's start working. We want to take the stipulations in the national level Lokpal to the state level Lokpal as well.” Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference after the meeting.

“We meet today on two main issues which are corruption and Lokpal, and there was also price rise. We are very concerned about the rising of price of vegetables and fruits. Congress chief ministers decided that till February, the accountability and stipulations in the national level Lokpal will be taken to state level.” Rahul Gandhi added.

The Congress Vice President also stated that there are number of bills are pending in the Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. He is constantly emphasizing on the matter to combat the corruption and also talked about the ‘mechanism’. “If you want to fight corruption, create a mechanism. What is that mechanism, there are number of bills pending in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha; let us get together and pass those bills.” Rahul Gandhi added.
“I hear again and again talk about corruption, but I don’t see systematic action. We brought in Parliament house again and again. Big speeches won’t help the cause,”he strongly added.

He also lashed out opposition and parties who are not supporting the Lokpal bill and other bills in the Parliament. “We brought the RTI, we brought in the Lokpal and the amount of benefit the country will get from this framework it won’t be possible through talks and it is fashionable to talk but if you want change, enact the laws.”

On Maharashtra govt’s stand to reject the report on Adarsh scam Rahul Gandhi categorically said, “I don't agree with the decision of the Maharashtra cabinet; it should be reconsidered. There is no question of protecting anyone”.

“If we need to fight corruption then we need a framework not just at the national level but also state level. Congress party is working towards this now” aid the Congress leader and underlined the policy of his own party, ”There is only one party which is talking about the system... everyone else is talking”.

About tackling the issues of corruption, Rahul Gandhi commented, “I have already said we are committed to that, let us have session of the house, let us all get together, and create a framework to fight corruption. But when I say let create a framework to fighting corruption there is silence on the other side, complete silence. I don’t hear ‘yes’ we should pass these bill. I don’t hear that. I don’t see other opposition states having Lokayukt there, I don’t see them. If you are serious, let us stop talking and let’s start acting and as far as my party is concerned my party is dead serious”.

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