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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at NSUI convention: BJP doesn’t see corruption in the states ruled by them

Rahul Gandhi addresses NSUI convention urges for more youth participation in politics

Congress Vice President Sh. Rahul Gandhi struck an emotional chord with the students while addressing the NSUI National Convention in Talkatora Stadium at New Delhi.
While speaking on the occasion, the Congress leader said that Congress is a party which follows the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi. “I have seen so many conventions of Congress party, youth Congress but I find this as the most exciting one. We have been talking about opening doors in the NSUI and I feel that happy that we have got a new generation today in the outfit. Now we intent to gradually give you the responsibility to run the country gradually and the day we accomplish that half of the problems will be over”, Rahul Gandhi said.
“But you need to understand the habit of our opposition. It’s their strategy to oppose anything and everything which we do for the people. We follow the ideology of Gandhi ji. Our focus is to perform and to support the students of colleges and universities. We never promote anger. Whatever we do, we do it with love and peace and we take everybody along with us. You also should follow this; it’s your DNA. Never forget this even if the opposition provokes or teases you. Do your work with love” he urged.
Rahul Gandhi also lashed out at the BJP by saying it ignores the corruption takes place in the states ruled by the BJP. “Opposition roams around the country and talks of corruption. I want to give 2 – 3 examples. Whenever Congress sees the corruption it takes action. We brought RTI and Lokpal Bill. Now presented 6 anti–corruption bills are still pending in the parliament. It is the BJP which is opposing it”. “BJP doesn’t see the corruption in Karnataka. Their chief minister was sent to jail still on corruption charges, but is not visible for BJP. They don’t see corruption in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. But they keep on delivering big lectures on corruption” he added.
“You have done well in universities. You could spread the message of RTI to 1, 30,000 people approximately. I also appreciate the initiatives like ‘Lead-Campus’ and ‘Youth Campus’ done by you. Other parties and students organizations work in old style. Leaders are being imposed from top which you know well” said Rahul Gandhi.
Maintaining that Congress has opened the closed doors politics and more so in NSUI and Youth Congress, he asked the party’s youth brigade to spread the word that corruption will come to an end only when closed doors of other organisations are also opened through elections. “Corruption will end only if the doors of politics are opened for the youth. We have begun this in NSUI. Other political parties also must follow this and open the doors for the youth” argued the congress President.

Full Text of speech of Rahul Gandhi at NSUI National Convention

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