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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at Thane: Congress works for the poor whereas BJP ignores them

Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Thane, says BJP tries to claim credit for Congress policies
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge Congress rally at Thane in Maharashtra on Thursday as part of his ongoing campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
Slamming the BJP for its double-speak, the Congress Vice President said, “It was RSS leaders who assassinated Gandhi Ji; but today they praise Gandhi ji. Sardar Patel was the leader of Congress. He had vehemently opposed the RSS ideology. But today the BJP leaders claim that Patelji was their leader! We give the ideas, our leaders implement new schemes; BJP and their leaders oppose it and after some time try to take credits for it. It will not be surprising if BJP claims credit for our policies like MNREGA, RTI, RTE, Land Acquisition Bill and Food Security Act, after 10-15 years”. “When Rajiv Gandhi was initiated computerization, the senior most BJP leader opposed the move in the Parliament by saying that it would kill jobs. He said that computers are not useful for our country. But today you can witness the revolution took place after Rajiv ji and Sam Pitroda ji brought computerization. Surprisingly today, the BJP leaders try to take credit for computerization and telecom revolution” he explained to substantiate his argument.
“The people who had raised the slogan ‘India Shining’ never talked about the poor. When we were introducing MNREGA and Food Security Bill, they alleged we are wasting money. But if we form any policies for elite, they don’t have any objection. For them, development means welfare of the rich. But they don’t realise that it is the poor, the downtrodden, who develop our country. We want all sections of the people - the poor, tribals, women, and youth – to enjoy the fruits of progress” asserted Rahul Gandhi. “We realise that people possess maximum knowledge. All our policies and schemes are based at your ideas and wishes. It is the people who guided us to bring in policies like Green revolution and bank nationalization” he added.
Continuing his attack on BJP and in an indirect dig at its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi said, “60-70 years back, we were a poor country. What has been done in 60 years, BJP claims it can do in it in three months. This is a mockery of the people as what has happened in the last seven decades is because of the people. If India is progressing, that is because of the hard work of crores of our people. BJP does not realise the power of the people. They think that one man does all the development. But no country moves forward due to the efforts of a particular individual. It is the people who develop a nation. It is not just one person who can run a country; it is the people”.
The Congress leader also struck a chord with the women audience. “I always see women in the back benches. I want to see them in the front, not only here, but in Parliament and Assemblies too. We want to give space to everyone in the country in the system. Not only in Parliament or Assemblies, women should get adequate representation in the Congress party too” he said.
“We must take everyone along; then only we can achieve development. This has been our ideology and this is the difference between us and the BJP” concluded Rahul Gandhi.
Full text of the speech of Rahul Gandhi at Congress rally in Thane, Maharashtra

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