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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Doda (Jammu), 11th April 2014

Rahul Gandhi: BJP thinks only Modi, not the people, knows everything
Doda: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge election rally at Doda in Jammu and Kashmir and took on BJP for its double-speak on women empowerment. He also targeted BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘late’ admission that he is married to Jashodaben, in the recent poll affidavit filed.
“Nowadays, I see BJP poster with the promise of women empowerment. They talk about women empowerment but its cadres beat up women in Bangalore. Karnataka Chief Minister had told me that one of BJP’s former ministers was charged with assault on women. BJP MLAs watch porn through mobiles at state Assembly. How the women of India could feel safe under BJP and Modi's so-called Gujarat model when in Gujarat, policemen are sent behind a woman, her phone was tapped by policemen. For the first time, only now, Modi admitted that he was married. Why did he hide it till now? Till date, he never had mentioned his wife’s name in any affidavit. We don't know how many elections he has fought, for the first time he has written that he is married. Still, BJP talks about women empowerment!” said Rahul Gandhi.
In another attack on Modi and BJP, the Congress leader lamented, “In Gujarat, hundreds of acres of lands were given to a particular businessman at throw-away prices. BJP sidelined Advani and accepted Adani. It ousted Jaswant Singh from the party”.
“For me India is a bouquet which contains various flowers. I treat every flower equally. For Congress all Indians are equal. We want to ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard in the system” reiterated Rahul Gandhi.
“We want to empower people more. That is why we talk about rights. But BJP makes people fight against another. They make people fight to suppress their voices. They want no one to question their actions. Congress runs governments for common man, the poor and downtrodden” explained the Congress Vice President.
Continuing his onslaught against BJP, Rahul Gandhi continued, “BJP leaders never try to understand the issues of the people. They are egoistic. They do not have any faith in people. I and my party believe that people have the knowledge and that is why we go to the people. We learn a lot from them. I believe politicians have to learn from the masses. They must go to them and interact with the masses” and added, “I am not at all worried about win and loss. I have just one thing – the love and affection of the people”.
“BJP wants to impose its ideology on others. They want Gujarat model to be replicated everywhere. It is not possible. Kashmir needs Kashmir Model. The only thing we must do is to empower the people. That is what Congress has been trying to do” he explained.
“We will win this time too. We will treat everyone equally and will take everyone together with us in our efforts for development. Our focus is benefit of entire people. We want to work with love and affection and take forward our country towards more progress”, Rahul Gandhi concluded.

 Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Doda (Jammu)

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