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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in UP: BJP has just one-point programme, to make one person the PM

Rahul Gandhi in UP: BJP has just one-point programme, to make one person the PM
Kanpur: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mammoth election rally at Naubasta, Akbarpur in Uttar Pradesh as part of his ongoing Lok Sabha polls campaign. “Congress designs its programmes after discussing with the people. We consider that the people have the knowledge and power. Our duty is just to come to you and seek your opinions. We respect people, their knowledge and strength”, said Rahul Gandhi.
“BJP also has come with its manifesto. What have they done? They just copied our manifesto and encrypted BJP symbol into it. As you know, we already have implemented one-rank-one-pension scheme for our soldiers across the country. But BJP manifesto offers the same but it does not understand that this programme already is in operation. Same is the case with industrial corridor project. BJP also copied our right to health proposal” lamented the Congress leader.
“Why does this happen?” Rahul Gandhi asked and continued, “BJP never bothered about people; it never goes to masses. BJP thinks that only one man in the whole world possesses entire knowledge. India (Gandhi) Ji had talked about a 20-point programme. But BJP has only a one-point agenda – to make one person the PM. There is no BJP, Advani ji or Jaswant Ji, only one individual (Modi)”.
“Our efforts are to empower the people – the poor, weak, women and downtrodden. On the other side BJP is divisive. Its friend – Shiv Sena, an NDA ally- threaten people from UP and Bihar in Maharashtra. BJP cadres beat up women in Karnataka” asserted the Congress Vice President.
Focussing on the proposals on women empowerment made in the Congress manifesto, Rahul Gandhi informed, “Our manifesto offers 2000 dedicated Mahila police stations across the country. We had implemented 50% women reservation in local bodies. But the women reservation bill which grants 33% reservation in Parliament and assemblies is still pending as the BJP has been blocking its passage. We will pass that bill too. We will ensure adequate women representation in Parliament as well as in the Congress party. We talk a lot about our country becoming a super power. But we can never achieve this till we empower our women properly”.
Slamming Gujarat model, the Congress leader quipped, “What is happening in Gujarat? The small industries in the state are shutting down. Same is the case with textile units. Just 2-3 business houses avail the entire benefits and people get nothing. The farmers, labourers, poor, all suffer”.
Lashing out at the double speak of BJP on graft, Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP talks a lot of corruption but its manifesto does not include any action plan to fight graft. BJP just talks, but does nothing. It was Congress which enacted RTI Act and Lokpal. There are no sufficient RTI commissioners in Gujarat and there is no proper Lokayukta too in the state” and added, “There are 5 more anti-corruption bills are still pending in the Parliament as the BJP opposes its passage”.
While concluding his address, the Congress leader struck a chord with the people and commented, “Kanpur was one called ‘Manchester of the East’. I want a day when Manchester would be called ‘Kanpur of the West’. This must be our focus and if we want to transform Kanpur, we must think about the state government also. Only a Congress government can serve you sincerely”.
Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Naubasta, Akbarpur in Uttar Pradesh

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