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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at Sirsa, Haryana

Rahul Gandhi at Sirsa, Haryana: NDA talks about Gujarat model but we don’t need it for Haryana
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi started his Haryana campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha election. He visited Sirsa, Haryana to address a massive election rally. While addressing a public Rahul Gandhi slammed BJP's Gujarat model propaganda by saying Haryana doesn’t need any Gujarat model, Haryana model is sufficient enough.
“NDA talks about Gujarat model but we don’t need it for Haryana. Haryana model is sufficient enough for this state,” Rahul Gandhi said.
“Haryana leads in wheat production, in milk and also in sports. You have enough resources you don’t need any Gujarat model,” Congress Vice President asserted.
“BJP beats drums against corruption but shares stage with tainted Yeddurappa who had spent time in jail for corruption, now they have brought him again in their party,” he noted.
“Mining mafia is ruling the Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh but BJP does not see it. There are three convicted cabinet ministers in Gujarat who were jailed with graft charges. But they don’t see corruption in Gujarat too,” Rahul Gandhi argued aggressively.
“Congress has always fought corruption. We have implemented RTI to combat corruption. Only few days are left for elections, but BJP has not yet put its Manifesto on public domain," lame,ted the Congress leader.
Rahul Gandhi also said whenever election approaches NDA comes with a new balloon like India Shining. "People of India heard the slogan of India shining and pressed the button and balloon was burst", he said.
“We will give you two more rights Right to Shelter and Right to Health if we are voted back to power. Youth asked for universities, colleges and education loan to get the admission in these universities,” Rahul Gandhi promised.
Earlier today Rahul Gandhi also addressed a rally in Panipat, Haryana.
Full text of speech of Rahul Gandhi at Sirsa, Haryana

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