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Monday, April 7, 2014

Rahul Gandhi: Only few days left in election but BJP does not come up with manifesto yet

Rahul Gandhi: Only few days left in election but BJP does not come up with manifesto yet
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mammoth election rally at New Delhi to. While addressing a huge crowd in Dakshinpuri, New Delhi he said, we have been interacting with people before making our manifesto. But BJP hasn’t come up with its manifesto though election is only few days away. “Those who were running the government in Delhi, they ran away from responsibilitied. Some went to UP and some to other places. But Delhi suffered," Rahul Gandhi said slamming AAP.
Rahul Gandhi also lashed out at AAP again by saying it’s easy to make false promise but hard to fulfill it as they gave only 3 months budget for electricity out of 12 months.
“The difference is that we do the politics of harmony but they (BJP) do the politics of hatred and anger. They want to give power only to one person,’’ he noted.
“BJP's thinking is that all the knowledge, all the solutions of the problems is only with one single leader. But we believe in empowering the every single citizen of India,” Congress Vice President said.
“We want to run your government. Leaders don't run India but it is run by its people,” Rahul Gandhi said firmly.
Rahul Gandhi also said that BJP says that India needs a Chowkidaar (watchman). They believe if ‘Chowkidaar’ becomes PM then everything will be fine,
Whereas Congress believes India doesn’t need a single chowkidaar but India wants every citizen to be a chowkidaar. “We want to empower every citizen.” Rahul Gandhi said.
He further added Congress has been doing the politics for poor, downtrodden and women.
The full text of speech of Rahul Gandhi at New Delhi

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