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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Assam tells voters, “your fight is my fight, I will come here again”

In Assam, Rahul Gandhi lashes out at BJP, says it instigates violence
Silchar: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mega election rally at Assam’s Silchar on Wednesday and launched a scathing attack on BJP and NDA for instigating violence across the country.
“When NDA was in power, they forgot our poor, farmers and downtrodden. In Maharashtra, they threaten labourers from UP and Bihar. Gujarat riots took place under it. We witnessed riots at Muzaffarnagar. Wherever they go, they instigate violence; make people fight each other” said the Congress leader.
“There is huge difference between us and the opposition; I repeat it everywhere I go. For us India is a bouquet, which contains different flowers – that of various religions, languages and regions. We must respect them all. But in Maharashtra, our opposition parties threaten the people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Their leaders come here too and make big speeches on unity but they do not understand your culture or history” explained Rahul Gandhi.
The Congress Vice President continued further slamming ‘Gujarat model’, “Congress respects every individual, language and places. You can talk your language anywhere in our country. But BJP wants one model to be replicated everywhere in our country. In Assam, they talk about Gujarat model. But Assam needs Assam model which has been working fine. Assam, therefore, do not need a Gujarat model” and added, “BJP thinks that if one leader is made the Prime Minister, that will solve all the issues. They urge people to make him the chowkeedar (watchman) of our country. But Congress wants every citizen to be India’s watchman. We want the people to handle the key of our nation. You must be able to go anywhere and live with respect there”.
“BJP wants development of a selected group. That is what happening in Gujarat. We want an India where everyone is uplifted” said Rahul Gandhi.
Referring to the Congress manifesto, the party leader informed, “In future, we want to give people three more new rights. Like right to food, right to job now we plan to give them right to healthcare by giving free treatment and medicines and a right to shelter to enable the poor to have their own houses. Apart from these, we also will launch new pension schemes for the old-aged persons”.
“Congress always worked for all, for all sections without any discrimination. We want to empower all our people. That is why we implemented Panchayati raj, reservation for women in local bodies and implemented most of the recommendations of the Sachhar committee. We will continue with our efforts to serve our people. We will address your local issues too” he assured.
Leaders must go to the people. The people are the best teachers and every politician must know it and should try to gather knowledge from the people. They should shun their ego and must go the masses with bowed head.
“Your fight is my fight. I will come again after the poll to interact with you and to realise your pain” said Rahul Gandhi striking a chord with the people while concluding his speech.
Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Silchar, Assam

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