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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The full text of speech of Sonia Gandhi at Thrissur, Kerala

Sonia Gandhi in Kerala: Opposition creates threat to the unity and integrity of our country
Congress President and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi visited Thrissur, Kerala to address a party election rally. While speaking at the occasion she said, “We want an India that all our democratic institutions to be strong but our opponents seek to weaken these institutions. They promote one man rule.”
“What we want is a united India that respects and celebrates our diversity. But what opposition wants is uniformity. We believe in India that unites our people. Our opponents seek to divide us. Our ideology binds our people together; their ideology separates one Indian from another,” said Sonia Gandhi.
“In Kerala we are fighting a different battle; we fight with an ideology which is redundant. Congress believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of non violence,” Sonia Gandhi said and added, “But our opposition in Kerala spreads violence indulges in political killings and encourages political hatred.”
“In the last ten years India witnessed tremendous economic growth and we took several people out of poverty,” said the UPA chairperson.
“Our opposition creates threat to the unity and integrity of our country. Only Congress is committed to ensure unity, progress and equality among the people. We must fight to protect our constitution and democracy. We must fight to create an India of the future,” Sonia Gandhi said.
Striking an emotional chord with the people the Congress President said, “Thrissur has incredible history in literature, movie, art and has very important place in my heart. This city stands for the bright example of secular India that we all challenged one that we shall never ever give up but the significance of the city is not limited to ancient history and culture”
Sonia Gandhi will also address an election rally at Kozhikkode in the state.
The full text of speech of Sonia Gandhi at Thrissur, Kerala

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