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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Idukki, Kerala: Congress wants development of all without any discrimination

Rahul Gandhi: BJP talks about one leader but Congress talks about millions of leaders
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while speaking at a mammoth election rally in Kerala’s Idukki district took an indirect dig at BJP and said that the opposition party talks about just one leader. “I am always happy to visit Kerlala and I am interested to know more about the politics in Kerala, the participation of people in the politics, the participation of Panchayats in politics of Kerala. Our opposition talks about one leader but in Kerala the Congress party talks about thousands and millions of leaders. We have leaders at every single level in Kerala. And this is the politics of the 21st century. If you want to change, if you want to fight corruption we want to empower every citizen. It is this participatory politics of Kerala that inspires me”.
“Today we have broadly three ideologies. One is that of Left which talks against poverty but creates poverty among the educated. They say everyone should be same and poor. The other side you have the India Shining idea. They want few people handle entire wealth of this country and want to give entire power to a limited group. They are not interested in the future of the people or nation. The third idea, the most focal idea is that of Congress. We want prosperity and we want fairness” explained the Congress leader.
“We want more business but at the same time we want to ensure that with encouraging business we must also empower our people. We want to create industry that creates jobs to our people. We want the poorest people of this country dream the biggest dream possible. We don’t want a country where a selected group enjoys all facilities and the rest just look at them” said Rahul Gandhi.
“We believe everyone in this country must believe that this country belongs to them. When every citizen feels that there is a place for him, this country does the best possible. We grew fastest when we work in partnerships. We made a strong foundation under the feet of the poor. We gave the right to food and job to them. We enacted RTI act to enable everyone to gather any information about the government” argued the Congress Vice President.
“When we came out with a right based paradigm, the right to job, right to food, right to information, we never said that these rights would be for a particular caste, religion or region. We said regardless who you are in this country- man, woman, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, from whichever state you are, we guarantee you the rights” commented Rahul Gandhi.
Striking a chord with women, the young Congress leader continued, “If you look at Kerala and its success, there is a big role for the women. The best nurses in the world are from Kerala and they look after sick people across the globe. We, therefore, want to empower women in the rst of our country and we have already put the bill to grant 33% reservation for women in Parliament and Assemblies. That is why we are guaranteeing 2000 police stations fully dedicated to them. That is why we connected lakhs of women with banks through Self Help Groups (SHG) which has been very successful in the state”.
“The most important thing for me as the Vice President of the Congress party is to strengthen the party and to give you more power. We will make the party strong, its ideas and ideology strong” said Rahul Gandhi while concluding his speech.
Full text of the speech of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Idukki, Kerala

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