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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The full text of speech of Sonia Gandhi at Bhandara, Maharashtra

Sonia Gandhi at Bhandara, Maharashtra: The ideology of BJP, Shiv Sena is divisive

Congress President and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi visited Bhandara, Maharashtra to address a huge election rally as part of her campaign for the ongoing general elections. While addressing the masses she said UPA has taken many historical steps for the betterment of the people. Sonia Gandhi also lashed out at BJP and Shiv Sena by saying they make people fight.
“Whole country is progressing rapidly but our opposition doesn’t see the development or if development takes they attack us,” Sonia Gandhi said.
“was the freedom struggle led by Congress wrong? Was the industrialization done by Pt. Nehru wrong?” She asked.
“We should be proud of what we have done for development of the country.” UPA chairperson noted.
Sonia Gandhi slammed the BJP and Shiv Sena by saying they only believe in beating drums.
“They (BJP/Shiv Sena) want to suppress the major issues with their drums, “she said and added, “We don’t believe in the politics of beating drums.”
Sonia Gandhi also said that this election is a fight between ideologies.
“The ideology of BJP and Shiv Sena which divide the people is on one side and there is Congress, NCP ideology on the other side which treats everyone as equal. The ideology of BJP, Shiv Sena promotes extremism while our ideology spreads brotherhood and harmony" the Congress President said.
“Naxalism is a big menace for the country. I know places like Ghadchiroli which are being affected with this. We have taken many steps to deal with this problem and I believe nothing can be solved with violence.” added Sonia Gandhi.
Earlier today Sonia Gandhi also attended a massive election rally in Khariar, Odisha.
The full text of speech of Sonia Gandhi at Bhandara, Maharashtra

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